Inca Trails Above Cusco

Our plan for today is to follow the old Inca pathways from Tambo Machay to Sacsayhuaman  to visit the many Inca sites in the hills just above Cusco.

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Day trip to Gibraltar

There are not many places where you find an aeroplane on the road in front of you. But here we are waiting for a British Airways plane to go by so that we can cross the road.

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Colonia del Sacremento — 5 Reasons to Visit

The UNESCO World Heritage City of Colonia del Sacremento is small but very picturesque town on the banks of the River Plate across from Buenos Aires .

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Marvellous Montevideo – Meat, meat, meat

The bus ride from Salto through Uruguay is reminiscent of England – rolling hills and lots of cows. we are on our way to the capital city of Uruguay, Montevideo

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Argentina Road Trip – Cafayate

It has been a fanatastic, but intense road trip so far, so it is time to chill out for a few days and sample some of the fantastic wines, cheeses and food  in for which the area is famous.

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Argentina Roadtrip – Cachi

After a leisurely breakfast in the local panaderia we leave Chicoana and head off to Cachi. Although much shorter than yesterday’s, this drive was even more scenic.

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