Argentina Road Trip – Chicoana and Guachito Gil

Chicoana is THE  centre for Rodeo competitions in Argentina. We passed quite a few Gauchos on our way in on the very long drive from San Antonio de Los Cobres and more were hanging out in main plaza all dressed in their gaucho uniform of baggy trousers and flowing white or red shirts.Continue reading “Argentina Road Trip – Chicoana and Guachito Gil”

Argentina Road Trip – Salinas Grande

The Salinas Grande is huge! 525 square kilometres of salt encrusted lake some 3500 metres above sea level. An impressive sight to put it mildly.

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Argentina Road Trip – Huamhuaca and Purmamarca

Northwest Argentina has some of the most dramatic and diverse landscapes in South America? Today is the first day of our ten day road trip around this beautiful region.

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The Whales of the Pensinsula Valdes

After a long overnight bus trip we arrive in Puerto Madryn, a small and very pleasant town which is the gateway to the isolated and desolate but magnificent Peninsula Valdes.

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Valparaiso – Hills and Horses

Often described as colourful, dilapidated and ramshackle, Valparaíso is an intriguing mess of a city that sprawls across dozens of steep hillsides on the coast of Chile overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It is a labyrinth of vertiginous streets and cobblestone alleyways spread along the various “Cerros” or hills.Continue reading “Valparaiso – Hills and Horses”

Trekking in the Amazing Andes – from Lares to Ollantaytambo

“We want to go somewhere off the beaten path” –  we said to Miguel, an independent guide we met at the South American Explorers Clubhouse in Cusco.

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