We just love trying new foods in new places.  Food is a passion.   Discovering the world through food, we have built up an ever growing list of must try dishes for each country.    Our mission is to Eat well, Eat Local and Eat with variety.

MUST TRY dishes are our Favourites listed by country.   We give the local names, together with a brief description, a photograph and must importantly where to find them.

Find these by country using the drop down menu on the food tab.


Sometime, we just cannot resist sharing a recipe.  These can be found using the drop down arrow on the food tab in the menu bar.

We always try to make sure our recipes are not only authentic, but can be made at home using ingredients which should be available anywhere in world, (perhaps subject to a little searching).   If we can give an alternative ingredient(*),  without compromising the taste too much, we will.

There is a search on that site at the bottom of the page if you want to look by country or ingredient.

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