About us

We are Carolyn and Clive, a married couple from England. In 2007 we embarked on a massive change of lifestyle. We became nomads, wandering the world wherever the whim takes us.  We have not stopped yet.

It happened like this : we gave up our careers, sold our home and set off to work as volunteers for a year in Sierra Leone. The plan was to follow our year in West Africa with a trip around the world for a further year before settling back in England somewhere idyllic.

Serendipity stepped in; we did not find the dream property. Instead of worrying about finding the right property, we started to think of ourselves as happy to be homeless.

We gave in to our passion for travel. After Sierra Leone, we spent time in Sri Lanka, lived in Spain for a while and explored Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia, South America, New Zealand and many more countries – it’s all in the blog archive (or will be as we import previous blogs to this website).

We will continue travelling until it’s time to stop – if that time ever comes (it will be 10 years this year!).  So far it suits us very well. As well as notching up more than 50 countries to our list of experiences, we revisit places we love and continue to enjoy our time meeting new people, seeing new things and generally trying to live a local lifestyle wherever we may be. Exploring far afield has also made us realise how much of our home country is left to explore too. We know how lucky we are to live this lifestyle and it is probably safe to say the travel bug has bitten us and shows no sign of letting go. This is how we became known as the accidental nomads.

Your comments are always valued and we genuinely look forward to reading comments and suggestions from people who follow this site (and our previous site),
so please stay in touch.  You can reach us by using the form below.

If you wish to work with us please follow this link.

2016      South America :including Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, Argentina
2015      South East Asia : including South Korea, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia
Australasia : Australia, New Zealand

In the years 2012 – 2014, we decided to stay longer and stayed a minimum of 3 months (max 7 months) in the following places, although we also did plenty of shorter trips to nearby countries.

Europe : Spain
South America : Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador

In the years 2008 – 2014, we initially purchased an annual “round the world” ticket, stopping in many places and spent the following few years stopping for at least a month at a time in those countries we loved (as time was just too short first time around!) as well as adding a few more into the mix.

New Zealand
Sierra Leone
Sri Lanka

We have family both Australia and the U.K. and so will always continue to include these destinations in our plans.

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