Where we are now?

July and August 2017

Borneo, Taiwan, Malaysia & Indonesia

Details to follow

May and June 2017


We will be in Vietnam for a month, until our visas run out. Starting in Ho Chi Minh City (aka Saigon) and traveling overland by train and buses, we will slowly head northwards.

We love this country for many different reasons and have made some wonderful friends here. The incredible food is an obvious major draw, but there is so much more that makes us smile :



The chaotic traffic that somehow feels safe whether riding in its midst or crossing the road through it.






The street life – cut throat shaving and ear cleaning on busy street corners.





The 9 inch mini stools used by food and drink vendors.







The fast internet that miraculously appears through the crazy street wiring.





The fantastic coffee that arrives with a side order of iced tea.







The alleyways which hide some of the best food in the city and offer a glimpse into family home life.




What is not to love ?  There is so much more that we may have to do a “The things I love about Vietnam” post!

Where next ?