Packing Light for Longterm Travel

How to pack like a Girl We have been living out of our carry-on backpacks for over 10 years.  Airports, bus stations and the like are a breeze!   We travel light, but not ultralight.  Light enough to trot off to our hotel and not wait in a long taxi queue.  Small enough to keepContinue reading “Packing Light for Longterm Travel”

Paradise & Good Luck at Phong Nha

The worlds biggest cave is 9km long, 200 meters high and so wide that a jumbo jet fit inside with space to spare.   I read about this cave a few years ago when a joint British/Vietnamese team surveyed the whole cave system and published the most amazing photographs of the inside alongside the story ofContinue reading “Paradise & Good Luck at Phong Nha”

10 Unexpected Reasons why we absolutely love Hualien

Imagine arriving in a new country for the first time and getting such a fantastic feeling that you just can’t stop smiling. We are totally smitten within 5 hours of landing. The challenge of navigating Taipei airport, purchasing a SIM card and finding the right train – on time – from a mass of platforms/trainContinue reading “10 Unexpected Reasons why we absolutely love Hualien”

Vietnamese Food : Iconic Dishes in Hue

Watching a fish cross the road was not something I expected to see, but there it was heading straight towards us, using its fins to ‘walk’ across the road. The streetside market vendor caught and returned it, but at that moment two giant frogs escaped and started piggybacking along the kerb. The frogs were shackled,Continue reading “Vietnamese Food : Iconic Dishes in Hue”