Our Travel Plans

We are back in the UK, having enjoyed Christmas with family and spending time with friends since arriving. Our joy of travelling remains and our flexible approach to a nomadic lifestyle has not changed. We have been travelling more or less permanently for over 10 years now and, looking back, although our style of travel has changed, our excitement at living in, and exploring new places remains as strong as ever.

We are currently in Henley on Thames, looking after the most gorgeous dog called Lulu. Walks, in any weather are a delight here, especially along the very picturesque River Thames. The Chiltern Hills, an area of outstanding natural beauty is also on our doorstep. The countryside is dotted with traditional and pretty old English villages, and beautiful 14th century churches and 16th-18th century cottages.  It is no wonder that so many TV and films production companies film at locations around here.

TV locations 2018
The “Vicar of Dibley” church

We have no idea what will happen to our rights to travel in Europe after Brexit in 2019, so we are considering spending much of 2018 in Europe and new (to us) places in the UK. I think we will be quite busy.

Our England Plans

We signed up for a series of housesits in England, all in lovely locations – The East Coast, Oxfordshire, Hertfordshire and Cheshire. We are looking forward to some walking in the British countryside and sitting by some roaring log fires in quaint places.

2018 TV Locations
As seen in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The New Avengers and Little Britain etc


We will also be catching up on those blog posts that we didn’t have time to write, including two months of life in a motorhome in New Zealand.


A European Jaunt

Inspired by a Rick Stein TV programme, we have rented an apartment in Bologna for a month from late June. I fear we will need to watch our waistlines as Bologna is known as the stomach of Italy or “the fat one”.  There are so many food specialities that it will be something of a gourmet trail as we trot around the region of Emilia-Romagna, noted especially for ham from Parma and Basalmic vinegar from Modena – both close by.  From here Florence, Venice, Verona, and even the Adriatic Coast all beckon.

Shorter trips elsewhere in Europe will be squeezed into our schedule.


The rest of 2018

Later in the year we will migrate towards some warmer weather for a while.  Right now we are being seduced by a city apartment in Oaxaca (Mexico), an apartment by the sea in Guatemala and a few Casa Particulares in Havana and Cuba. We shall see…



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5 thoughts on “Our Travel Plans

  1. Loving your blog. Have followed you since South America when you volunteered in Peru.

    We are considering housesitting and wondered if you had any preferences or warnings. Lots of sites out there and hard to be discerning.

    Thank you and please keep traveling!


  2. Hi Clive & Caroline, I accidentally found your blogs, and my word every bit is enjoyable. I was particularly interested in your driving journey thru Latin America:) My husband & I drove from Las Vegas thru to San Francisco for 17 days in 2014, and enjoyed every moment, we planning to do Rio/Brazil/Argentina etc. & I’m looking for any tips on traveling by car. I’ve been told that the roads can be quite dangerous and there are BIG language barriers. I’ll keep reading, I’m fascinated by your travels across the World.

    1. Hi Roja,
      Glad to hear you enjoyed reading about our travel. Happy to provide a few tips on travelling by car through Argentina and will email you when I have a moment. It is an amazing part of the world. The some roads are good, some are terrible! We speak reasonable, but not great Spanish so it wasn’t a problem for us, but English isn’t that widely spoken. Haven’t been to Brazil yet, partly because I don’t think I could cope with learning Portuguese!


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