Packing Light for Longterm Travel

How to pack like a Girl We have been living out of our carry-on backpacks for over 10 years.  Airports, bus stations and the like are a breeze!   We travel light, but not ultralight.  Light enough to trot off to our hotel and not wait in a long taxi queue.  Small enough to keepContinue reading “Packing Light for Longterm Travel”

10 Unexpected Reasons why we absolutely love Hualien

Imagine arriving in a new country for the first time and getting such a fantastic feeling that you just can’t stop smiling. We are totally smitten within 5 hours of landing. The challenge of navigating Taipei airport, purchasing a SIM card and finding the right train – on time – from a mass of platforms/trainContinue reading “10 Unexpected Reasons why we absolutely love Hualien”

How to pack like a man..

O.K. a better title might be – How to pack for a 6 month trip and still get to carry your bag on a plane. Our travels are usually long trips of 3-6 month , often in South America, Europe or Asia and Australasia. One of our issues main is packing for the wide variety ofContinue reading “How to pack like a man..”