We are off…….

My very favourite sandals, too worn out to come on our next trip.   They have been around the world twice already…..

I love these sandals. Had them repaired in Peru as I could not bear to part with them. Good footwear should show signs of wear. A life lived. They will be sadly missed if Clive does manage to persuade me to get a new pair.  He has been a little disappointed that they returned with me to England.  I agree I may have to, reluctantly, buy another pair for our next trip as the grip is nearly gone.  But so comfortable!

We are nearly packed and ready to go.  One hand-baggage size bag each for a year of travelling.  We are confident this is enough, having managed before on a 6 month trip in South America with temperatures from minus 20 to plus 40 degrees.  This time, we plan on keeping reasonably warm most of the time.  So it should be lighter, right?  We are heading off to South East Asia, including revisiting Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos to get to know them a little better and will be exploring new secrets off the beaten paths of Indonesia, Phillipines and Korea or Taiwan.  We have no idea of what is in store for us (except for a few visits from/to friends/family), but if our travels have taught us anything, it is OK not to have every detail planned out, so expect a few other places too.

Our final packing list (& it’s weight) can be found under travel tips if you really want to know what we consider the essentials, that is apart from my sandals of course !

More miles and mountains than I thought possible for one pair of sandals, they finally needed a quick repair in Cusco, Peru.

October 2014

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