Travel with a bucket-list ?

Three months to our departure date to South East Asia.  A bucket-list in the planning stages.

Photo by Associazione Turistica Gargnano

We are often asked, “where next then?”.  As our travel ambitions are usually fluid and not necessarily driven by specific places, our answer is often very vague.   It is not a deliberate attempt to avoid the question.  Unless we have arranged to meet friends or family who fly out visit us, we just don’t really schedule a list of places with dates attached.

A great adventure for us is all about the experiences we have and about the people we meet and this evolves over time.

Some friends we know are rapidly completing their bucket-list.  Inspired by this,  we have sat down and set out the some of the experiences for South East Asia we hope to have and called it our bucket-list.

In no particular order:     (Places in brackets are the most likely locations)

  1. Scuba dive around Sulawesi
  2. Backpacking in the Blue Mountains, (Australia).
  3. See wild orangutangs actually in the wild (Indonesia).
  4. Travel on the Reunification Express from Hanoi to Saigon, (Vietnam).
  5. Dive in open seas with wild dolphin pods/whalesharks/giant turtles.
  6. See Komodo dragons up close in natural habitat (Rinca Island)
  7. Set up and maintain a good self-hosted website.
  8. Stay in different ethnic minority remote mountain villages.
  9. Visit and explore in at least 4 new countries (maybe Taiwan, Korea, Myanmar, Phillipines).
  10. Volunteer for a worthwhile cause.
  11. ?
  12. ?

.Do you have any suggestions for us?   Please email your ideas.

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