The Sani Pass and into Lesotho – What a drive!

Yet another new country’s stamp in our passports! We arrived in Underberg, a small farming town in the foothills of the the southern Drakensberg mountains. One night here and then off up the Sani Pass into the mountain kingdom of Lesotho.

Underberg could not have been more different from our previous destination of Umhlanga Rocks. Umhlanga Rocks is the upmarket seaside resort near Durban, has a wonderful beach and is jam-packed with nice restaurants, luxury hotels and designer shops – it seemed very popular with the more affluent South Africans.

Underberg, on the other hand seems to exist to service the needs of the agricultural community in the region. The upmarket shops are replaces by markets, the posh restaurants by street stalls selling some amazing (and very cheap) food. Our drive here drove through what seemed like some quite deprived and poor areas – South Africa is indeed a land of contrasts!

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