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An ever expanding list of MUST TRY FOODS.   The first in the series is VIETNAM

Hủ Tiếu

A delicious noodle soup with Prawn, Quail Eggs, Offal slices, pork mince, dried crispy squid with vegetables in a light pork broth. Lots of variations on this, both Chinese and Cambodian, but the Vietnamese originates from My Tho is is often described as Hu Tieu My Tho.

Hu Tieu
Hu Tieu

Where to find it :    Best eaten in the Mekong Delta. In Saigon            :   247 Vo Van Tan, District 3,

 Bun Mam Chau Doc

This is a salted fish soup from the Chau Doc area, includes seafood, haslet, and round rice noodles and vegetables.  Served with a plate of Beansprouts and salad.   Lots of regional variations on this. image Where to find it : Best eaten in the Mekong Delta, or along the coastline of  Vietnam In Saigon :  Mai Ka 245 Vo Van Tan, District 3,

My Xao Thit Bo

This dish is made using egg noodles (instant in all likelihood), beef and green vegetables., stirfried. A quick, cheap and cheerful meal often found roadside alongside fresh beer kegs.

Noodles and beef
Noodles and beef

Pho Bo And Pho Ga

The Classic soup that all visitors to Vietname try, especially good for breakfast. Choose chicken or beef, (Ga is chicken, Bo is Beef). The key is in the stock. To show you know what you are doing, first take a taste of the stock with a spoon. An excellent stock will need no extras, a true compliment to chef. A local will then fine tune the balance of flavours with a squeeze of lime, a touch of fish sauce, a little chili. Top with beansprouts and, particularly in the south, a pile of fresh herb leaves. Eat with chopsticks. Slurps are OK.

Pho Bo in Saigon
Pho Bo in Saigon.

Where to try it  :   Absolutely anywhere.  Ask locals for the best places.

Ga Kho Gung

Served with rice this is a slow cooked ginger chicken dish with fish sauce, often tastes a little caramelised.

Chicken slow cooked with ginger
Chicken, braised slowly with ginger, served in a chicken and fish sauce.

Where to find it  :   It is on a lot of menus in set lunches and on a la carte menus.

Thit Nuong and Bun Thit Nuong

Bun Thit Nuong is BBQ’d meat served in top of rice noodles with green leaves and crushed peanuts.  Comes with a dish of dipping sauce which you pour over the dish and mix before eating.  Thit Nuong is the same meat but most often served with a plate of green leaves, both of which you wrap in rice paper to eat, using the peanut sauce as a dipping sauce.

Grilled/BBQ marinaded pork on bamboo sticks.
Grilled/BBQ marinaded pork on bamboo sticks.

Where to find it :   Street vendors to cheap shop houses to top restaurants.  Our favorites are the local style restaurants that specialize in this.  Look for the crowds !

Also work looking for – Cha Gio Tok Buk Ki

A Korean dish, very spicy. Variations include Phomai Tok Buk Ki (topped with melted cheese).

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